Survive’s in house training programme was designed to accommodate the needs of Survive counsellors when working with clients who had experienced any form of abuse either in childhood or as adults. The training programmes main emphasis is on sexual abuse, rape, incest and domestic violence.

Who is our course for?

Survive’s in-house training programme can readily be adapted to meet specific needs of other organisations – either the programme as a whole or specific aspects.

The course would suit people from a range of professional groups including:

  • Ward and community nurses
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Counsellors
  • Human resources
  • Managers,
  • Social workers,
  • Emergency service workers
  • Anyone who might be told about an abusive experience during the course of their work.


The full course is taught over 10 full days – either week-ends or by specific arrangement. Cost is dependent on specific detail.

Teaching throughout the course will be a combination of experiential participation and theoretical input. Theory will be introduced first followed by experiential work. Case studies will be provided from past and present real life situations (confidentiality boundaries strictly adhered to).

These will give delegates an opportunity to practise their newly acquired skills in exercises and situations as realistic as role-play allows.

An eclectic range of theoretical approaches and practices will be introduced and discussed.


We take counsellors who already have a Counselling Certificate – and preferably are undertaking a Diploma or MA in Counselling.

Part of the placement requirement is full attendance of all 10 days of in-house training and the completion of 50 hrs supervised counselling (this initial supervision free).

Please contact us for further details.

What our trainees say

I feel Survive training is where I really learnt the skills required for abused clients. Looking back at my Counselling Diploma, I do not feel my Diploma had prepared me for such work. Survive training covered everything.

The trainers are very passionate on behalf of their clients and the work that they do, which made me feel privileged to take part in the training. This training will always be very valuable to my counselling work, being informative and relevant to my role. I feel that the course should be compulsory for all who work with abused clients. It was valuable and educational, well presented. An eye opener to the facts and myths of sexual abuse.

I did the training with Survive some years ago. Over the years, I have attended many courses only to do a switch off part way through – either as the presenter, the material or the style of the course didn't keep me focused – especially after lunch! Not so with the Survive course – not only did I learn a lot, but I also had the opportunity to rehearse new skills in the carefully planned role play.

I felt comfortable about asking questions and was always keen to go back for the following session. The presenters were always happy to spend time with any issues that may have arisen because of the nature of the work – one-one after hours if appropriate. Best value for money course I have attended – I would highly recommend it to anyone working in this area, or in some aspects of it.

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